What should I do with this tiny Rhodia pad?

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One of the new products from Rhodia this year (already available at Vickerey!) is the no. 10 staplebound notebook, an adorable 2 x 3 pad that fits right in the palm of your hand.

I fell in love with it immediately at the Stationery Show, but I still haven’t decided what to do with the one that Karen sent me. Ink tests? Tiny notes, or sketches? I’ve got half a mind to create a mini flip book, but it’ll probably take me a while to get around to actually doing it. (In the meantime, I’ve discovered, it’s not half bad as a paperweight.)

Closeup after the jump… What would you do with this notebook?


19 thoughts on “What should I do with this tiny Rhodia pad?

  1. I keep mine in an extra cellphone pouch of my messenger bag. I also keep it close by while I’m reading, and make notes of things to research later.

    It also makes a great “back-pocket-of-my-jeans” notepad for jotting song/writing ideas.

  2. I have several of these, I keep one in my purse so I always have a piece of paper to write on and I keep one in my car for the same reason.

    They are wonderful, pocket sized and I never have to hunt for something to write on.

  3. Thanks for all the fabulous ideas, everyone! So fun to see what everyone thinks… There’s something about the construction of this little pad that makes me want to keep it out in the open, where I can play with it, though it’s true it’s also the perfect size for purses.

    And Jonel, I love your idea of a storyboard! I remember reading about an author who strung a clothesline across his office and used it to hang various plot points up on index cards… the way I envisioned it, it almost sounded like an art installation.

  4. Great ideas here! I have been using mine for ink tests, but I also think it is a great size for purses. You never know when you will need to jot something down!

    I like the Post-it idea from JonelB – maybe Rhodia can come out with the same size pad, except with some adhesive on each sheet.

  5. you should give it to an artist to do one of those cartoon strips from the 60s that ran like a movie when you flipped the pages!

  6. Tejal’s idea is good, I think if a person at a pen show doesn’t have paper for you to test it on, you can use the teeny rhodia pad.
    Personally I’d use it for a to-do list. Or pair it with one of the restickable gluesticks and use it to leave notes for people on the fridge and the like. I love post-it’s, but a lot of times ink doesn’t play so nicely with the ones I have.
    It’d also function fantastically as a grocery list, especially if you live alone or don’t have to buy a ton of groceries each week.
    Another neat use would be for plot organization, using a wall or cork board, as a sort of storyboard, these little sheets are just the right size for a tiny sketch and comment on a plot point, then you can tape, tack, or glue it on a wall in the plot order of the timeline. Right now Im using some 3m restickable index cards, but my fountain pen ink doesn’t agree with the top part of them, so I find myself having to use a sharpie.

  7. pen & ink tests! Perfect size, very portable. You can take it to pen shows and stores and stuff, to test out nib widths and ink colors before you buy 🙂

  8. Stick it to my cell phone case for those important notes during calls.

    Fold the cover over as in the second pic and put it in the top pocket of my suit jacket for that papery, notebooky hankerchief look!

    I asked my daughter what she would use such a tiny little notebook for. “Writing tiny little notes!” she said. 😀

  9. Oooh, I know this one!

    Logging daily workout routines.
    Logging daily calorie intake.
    Tiny Dream journal!
    Put dates on it and it’s a mini planner.
    Animation flipbook.
    If you’re a photographer, take notes about the settings you were using when photographs were taken.
    Keep it near your bookshelf to note who borrowed what book.

    I’m sure I’m missing a really good one.

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