The Exaboard: A better clipboard

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Last year, Karen sent me a great new product from Exaclair called the Exafolio, a sort of combination binder/accordion folder/notebook-and-pen holder that’s like an adult Trapper Keeper.

A couple of months ago, she sent me another product from the same line, the Exaboard. It’s like a clipboard, but so much better: it’s large and sturdy, with a front and a back plastic cover and a clip inside that holds a large Rhodia pad (or a President planner) and a pen. There’s also a slim pocket on the inside cover that could hold a couple of loose papers. Oh, and a little elastic closure to hold it all together.

Whereas my Exafolio is great for business meetings, the Exaboard is pure pleasure. I use it when I’m reading in my armchair and want a sturdy surface for taking notes. I use it when I want a break from my desk to do some offline outlining or brainstorming. I don’t draw, but I imagine it might also make a nifty surface for smaller on-the-road sketches, too.

At the moment, none of our retailers seems to show the Exaboard online, but Karen suggested people call Vickery in Colorado at 800-963-1050, or Racine’s Office & Art Supplies in California at 866-374-6972, if they want to try it out.

9 thoughts on “The Exaboard: A better clipboard

  1. It looks great and multi-purposed.

    Wet Paint in Minneapolis, MN, art suppliers, might be a good vendor to carry this product. They often are the first to bring in European and/or hard to purchase items.

  2. Something very similar to this was passed on to me last year by a friend (who got it as a marketing give-away at a seminar), and I love it. Mine doesn’t have the rubber band or the pen holder or the soft rubbery material on the clip, but from the first day I was smitten. It’s great to carry around or use as a portable desk-like surface to write on. The Exaclair version sounds even better. I hope it will be available soon as it’s a great concept, and I’d like to give some as gifts.

  3. @nrepose I really like both products, but I get far more use from the Exaboard on a day-to-day basis.

    @kookychick Thanks for reminding me–the other cool thing about the clip is that the part that sticks out at the top is covered in a soft, rubbery material, so it won’t cut your bag (or your clothes or fingers).

  4. Oooh, this looks really handy! Love the elastic closure–stuff always seems to get crunched in my bag if they’re not completely enclosed. And I like that the clip doesn’t have a really protruding profile! Thanks for telling us where we might find them–that’s really helpful! 🙂

  5. I recently discovered the Exafolio and want to try one but I may what and get one of these. I think I would have more use for it. Very nice product. Thanks for the heads up. Nr

  6. Does the front cover fold in back so it truly functions like a clipboard? The photos don’t show that configuration but I could imagine the elastic closure would hold things in place for that use. Lots of possibilities if that would work. Besides anything that works with Rhodia is a slam-dunk around here. 🙂

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