Ordre et Desordre

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One of the people who responded to our offer to sample J. Herbin ink was Lorna Mulligan, an artist and calligrapher from Montreal. She received her degree in Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia and also studied at the Banff Centre.


Lorna teaches at the Visual Arts Centre and at Dawson College in the Continuing Education Department. She also does Culture in the Schools workshops through the Quebec Ministry of Education. Lorna is the editor of  L’Arabesque, a newsletter/journal for Montreal’s calligraphy society.

Her artwork is being shown  as part of  the exhibition   “Ordre et Desordre” at Galerie Mile-End, located at 5345, avenue du Parc, Montreal, Quebec.   The exhibition runs through June 6th. She sent me a photo of  one  of her pieces in which she used Bleu Nuit ink.


“I am part of the group Les Calmars,” Lorna writes, “and we have been working together for a number of years now on traditional and contemporary calligraphy. This exhibition explores the theme Order and Chaos. The piece which includes the section (done with the J. Herbin blue ink) that I e-mailed you is in this exhibition.”

Delightful!   Lorna, thank you, and best wishes to you and members of your group for the show.   Anyone visiting or living in Montreal, please stop by Galerie Mile-End to see the calligraphy artwork of Les Calmars.

See more of Lorna’s artwork at her website –  lornamulligan.com.

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