Good question: How to write a family memoir?

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We got an intriguing email the other day from a reader in Arizona:

I have recently been charged with the task of scribing my great-grandfather’s biography, which includes both World Wars and a Medal of Honor, to keep as a family heirloom.

To this end, I would like to ask your opinion as to which pens, inks, and paper would be most ideally suited for this task. I should also mention that my own personal script is quite unique and legible, but somewhat small.

Also, I’ve been inspired to begin writing some of my own memoirs, stories, & letters to keep and share for many, many years. However, I feel the need for a more inspiring medium than the dull life of a notebook and ballpoint. I would like a pen, ink, and paper that could be used as often as everyday, resist fading, and that would also provide a distinguished style and flair.

Karen already suggested he post his query on the Fountain Pen Network, and make sure to use acid-free paper. But we figured you guys would have many more helpful suggestions… So how about it? What writing supplies would you use to tackle a task like this?

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2 thoughts on “Good question: How to write a family memoir?

  1. I have been collecting oral histories using a digital voice recorder. These I can email around. Long term I want to set up a Web site for the family. Some cell phones will also take voice dictation.

    In addition, a number of friends have recommended using a program called “Garage Band.” I know next to nothing about it, but my friends are tech-savvy.

  2. A bright acid free paper, and a nice fountain pen friendly ink.

    I think blue-black is a good solid color regime for this kind of work. I nominate Pelikan Blue-Black, or Waterman’s blue-black.

    I can imagine that others will nominate a Noodlers Eternal ink. I have tried the noodlers inks and they serve their purpose. I just don’t think they are necessary for your purpose.

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