Equology: same quality, better for the environment

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Thanks to Pentamento for the first review of our new Equology eco-friendly notebooks and planners… Reading it reminded me that I’ve been meaning to post my own photographs and impressions, so here goes.

I, too, love the heavy duty rubber-like cover, to which pictures don’t really do justice”it’s soft and bumpy and dry, sort of like a cat’s tongue:


The big question with recycled notebooks and planners is the quality of the paper, however, and I know the Quo Vadis team worked hard to get this up to par. It’s smooth and white”not as bright as new, bleached paper would be, but loads better than the dull gray you’re usually consigned to when you use recycled paper. (Alas, this sort of thing is hard to capture on a home camera, so my pictures don’t really do it justice!)

At 90 grams, the paper is also thick enough to handle a wide range of writing instruments. Here are some front-and-back comparisons.



As you can see, the bleedthrough is mostly minimal, and never enough to prevent you from writing on both sides of the page.

We’ll be doing more review giveaways of the Equology in August, but if you have any questions in the meantime, please let us know in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Equology: same quality, better for the environment

  1. Thanks for the suggestions, Beth–I have some Bleu Nuit, too, and it’s definitely one of my favorites, as is Poussiere de Lune (the name alone is worth it). I love the idea of using a subtle, muted shade like that for everyday, something that’s not just blue or black.

    That said, let me know how Midnight Blue performs; it looks lovely… I’m going to have to take another trip to Art Brown sometime and play around with some additional colors. I’ve stuck to J. Herbin thus far since Karen’s been so generous in sending me samples, but there are obviously other brands that are worth experimenting with.

  2. Go for Herbin’s Bleu Nuit. Karen sent a bottle and the shading is fabulous. Very much like a favorite pair of jeans shading from dark wash to faded. Exquisite. And Pousserie de Lune is an antique shade of purple. More “flat” in tone than many of the super-saturated ink brands, yet gorgeous and dark enough for business use.

    I find the Herbin inks are well behaved in B nib pens, as they seem less prone to soak through the paper than the more super-saturated inks.

    For an intense shading experience that isn’t dark, Private Reserve’s Shoreline Gold will fade from a yellow-ish orange shade into a reddish color. It feels a little “dry” on the page, but doesn’t drag the way the Noodler’s version of this color, Apache Sunset, does.

    PR Tanzanite is an incredible blue/purple shade, but makes your pen run wet. Fiesta Red is a deep blood red and a new favorite. I just got a bottle of Midnight Blue, but haven’t tried it yet, as I was on a quest for blue-black as well.

    Thanks for answering my question about folding the cover back. I’m starting to learn that’s an important issue for those times I’m working on a lap board rather than a desk. Or in the car.

  3. Sorry, I forgot to mention this is available in other formats, too! Minister, President, Sapa X, Scholar, and Textagenda… I’m sure there will be others if it turns out to be a popular product. And I believe plain notebooks are on the way, as well.

  4. It comes in PINK (technically rose, I know)! These look great, although it looks like the Scholar does not have a “to do list” section, which I would like. But it comes in PINK!

  5. This planner is a Scholar, and it does have a month-by-month “annual planner” at the front of the book… Unfortunately, I can’t upload any pics since I’m out of the office at the moment and I don’t have the planner with me. But I can do that when I get back.

    Beth, the cover definitely folds back on itself, and since the book itself has a sewn binding, it would, too.

    As for the nibs, I haven’t actually tried my FP with a truly dark ink yet, though of course the Pilot Varsity comes with a deep, saturated black. Do you have a favorite dark ink? I’ve heard good things about J. Herbin Perle Noir and Noodler’s Bulletproof… I would love to find a really dark blue-black, too.

  6. Your nibs look much finer than my B, BB, and stubs. Has anyone gone any wetter with darker inks?

    Also, you describe the texture of the cover, but not whether it folds back on itself.

    I’m glad to see the pencil leads are poking or tearing through.

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