Quo Vadis North American Meeting

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I will be heading to St-Laurent, a suburb of Montreal, Quebec on June 3rd for our annual corporate meeting.   Representatives of Quo Vadis Canada, the United States, and our parent company in France will gather for a day and a half of presentations and discussions on the past year, the present, and where we want to go in 2010 and beyond.   The meeting focuses on product development and manufacuturing, but also includes sales and marketing.   quebec-flag

As part of marketing, I raise a number of product  requests and criticisms we have received from U.S. Quo Vadis users  throughout the year; i.e., the new Trinote format, more room on Sundays, additional Club cover color choices for ABP1, etc. and see what is possible to change or implement before the next print run for 2012 planners.   2010 planners will start to appear in stores in July, and films for 2011 planners have been completed.  

Any final requests as I prepare my report for Montreal? Are we missing any features you would like to see in your planner or notebook? Are there any different cover colors or bindings we should consider? Any holidays we should add? How can we improve Quo Vadis for you?

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  1. I grew up in Hamburg,NY and visit there in the summers. Where can I buy Quo Vadis Septinote locally? (Western NY)…

    Love the Septinote…hard to find in Maryland and in North Carolina….make it more available…Thanks! Fan for life!


  2. Been writing in a Forum Journal (1400/1) with the 80g paper and decided I really like the paper with fountain pens. Two things don’t work for me. The closure brads going through the back make the journal terribly lumpy. Also the paper size is small for my purposes. Love all the pages but it is thick and awkward in such a small size. Bigger is better, well, at least with some things.

  3. I haven’t used the QV journals/planners yet, but I would suggest they lie flat if they do not already.

    As for writing in them, it’s mostly fountain pens for me!

  4. I am also a bahai like HOmayoun and Beth!(above) and I would like to see Bahai Holy Days on the calendar.thanks

  5. I agree that it would be a huge service to the millions of Baha’is worldwide to add the 12 Baha’i holidays to the calendar http://www.bahai.us/bahai-calendar. Not to mention the fact that it would be a potential for much more sales for in Calendars for your company since the only company that currently creates Baha’i Calendars produces them in 2 sizes… a one page for all 12 months (hanging) or a pocket size one. So you could stand to have much more sales bu adding this feature to your calendars.

    I am grateful to your consideration of this proposal.

  6. Almost forgot to post here, after tweeting about it and all! :-O

    I would LOVE a large Habana or similar notebook that has an elastic closure, ribbon bookmark (though this is less important), but narrower ruling! Around 5-6mm line spacing would be ideal. I know there are grid options for notebooks, but I find the vertical lines distracting, since I don’t draw or need columns for technical writing/bookkeeping.

    The small Habanas have great ruling, but the large Habana’s ruling is a bit wide for my tastes. A larger notebook with similar ruling to the small Habana would be ideal! 🙂

    Thanks again for your amazing responsiveness to consumers! 😀

  7. Contrarian here. I write at a desk so elastic closures aren’t a requirement. In fact they can be a hindrance on a flat surface. Ribbon markers would be handy though.

    A universal elastic closure that could be used with a variety of journals would be great especially if you can improve on the, er, understated designs offered by a competitor. Add a pen loop and it could be an extremely versatile tool.

  8. Another suggestion: please consider eliminating the phone/ write boxes on the Visual, and just making that a blank space for notes and lists. I finally stopped using the Visual because those little boxes were just too small for me to use, and the lines were hard to ignore when I tried to write across them. Having that area as empty space would be better, to be able to write all the way across the space without lines/ boxes.

    Thank you for listening to your customers, we really appreciate it!!

  9. I am one of the 7 millions B. Irwin just mentioned above. I would love to see Bahai Holy Days listed in your calendar. Saves my time a lot.

  10. Sorry about the double post — one more request. This is MUCH less important to me than equal space for Sundays, but I would love it if the boxes on the right side of the page (phone, fax/email, etc) were simply unlabelled so you could set them up with your own lists. I usually just cross them out and replace them with my own categories, but this year I think I’m going to use white label stickers to cover them up and make them a bit tidier. 🙂

  11. Another request for making Sundays the same size as the other days! (I use the Academic Minister 16x24cm). It continues to be bizarre to me that Sunday is the one day that is set up differently from the rest of them.

  12. Please consider adding a monthly calendar to the Principal (similar to Space 24). I need an overview that offers more space than the yearly/monthly planning calendars currently offered on the Principal. Also, please consider offering the same format as the Principal but in a Jan-Dec format.


  13. I agree whole-heartedly with B Irwin. We are indeed global. For example, I am an American living in Albania. I buy North American Quo Vadis/ Exacompta products because they are in English, but I would like to know the major European holidays. I don’t want every holiday printed on that particular day, because it would clutter up the day too much, but a chart of world holidays and dates in the front of the book would be nice. I would also like to see more world and continent maps, and time zone maps.

    One thing that I really love about the Exacompta planners is that they have the annual planners with the months as columns as well as the month view calendars.

    I realize that including more things means a fatter book, and there are limits as to how many pages you can include before the cover from the previous year no longer fits.

    Absolutely more room for Sundays, preferably the same amount of space as all the other days, as it is in the Horizon 7, but in more portable sizes. I need my planner to go everywhere with me, and it needs to be small enough to fit in my bag and not too heavy.

    And please, we would love to have page-marker ribbons.

    Meanwhile, keep up the great work with the paper, it is smooth and delightful to write on!

  14. The 12 Baha’i Holy Day listings as found at http://www.bahai.us/bahai-calendar in the calendars, please! There’s about 7 million of us in over 190 countries. Then I won’t have to buy a duplicate calendar from Badi Publishing just to keep track.

    Pen loops, ribbon markers, and elastic closures on all but the largest desk size calendars. I carry my Journal 21 with me everywhere and I’m having to use 3 large paperclips or ribbons and a clamp to mark my place, then stretch an industrial rubber band around the whole thing to toss it in my briefcase or bag.

    I concur with more space on Sundays, in fact the weekend as a whole. I teach, attend services, and sometimes have to work, not only on Sunday, but the entire weekend. For professionals and international travelers, the work week may vary wildly from the traditional Western Euro-centric work week. Think of people deployed to the Middle East, for example. Or my cardiologist friend, whose trauma surgeries rotate across weekends when he covers the ER.

    Similarly, for your notebooks, I could use a pen loop for the Habana and a ribbon marker such as appears on the Basics Journal. I need portability as I use these for business as well as personal needs. Otherwise, the Habana is just about perfect.

    As for the rest, there’s a detailed list on my blog from December 2008. What I would stress is to think GLOBAL. Your users are no longer denizens of one country, or continent, or hemisphere. We are WORLD CITIZENS and need planners and notebooks to reflect this.

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