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I’m not usually the kind of person who plans her life according to what’s on TV. Around this time of year, however, that all changes, and my schedule revolves around one thing: the NHL playoffs.

I didn’t grow up playing or watching hockey, but I’ve gotten into both over the past few years. And if the New Jersey Devils are playing, then chances are I’ll watch. I saw all seven games of Round 1 against the Carolina Hurricanes”including the last, tragic one, during which Carolina scored two surprise goals in the last two minutes of the game to beat the Devils 4-3 and eliminate them from the series. Fortunately, none of the games conflicted with any actual social obligations, and in fact it became a kind of anchor in my life, motivating me to get my work done during the day in time to join my boyfriend in the living room.

Now that the Devils have been eliminated, the playoffs are less an organizing force than an opportunistic indulgence, but I’m still keeping my eye on Round 2… especially the high-charged Penguins/Capitals series. Last game’s tomorrow night!

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