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I love the Office Supply Geek’s idea of keeping his Rhodia pads closed with a binder clip. Even cooler is the way that clip can double as a notebook stand.

At any rate, it got me thinking about how to customize notebooks and planners to make them more functional (as opposed to more pretty or unique, which is obviously great, as well). The possibilities are endless, of course, and the hacks both big and small. Geralin Thomas keeps her life organized with a customized alphabetic planning system. I use a paperclip in my Habana to keep track of my place. John Berendt, author of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, goes so far as to make his own planner every year with custom-made rubber stamps and a cloth-bound Clairefontaine notebook.

What are your notebook hacks?

4 thoughts on “Notebook hacks

  1. Glad it was helpful to you! I suppose you could really add any kind of envelope as a pocket, but I like the clear plastic CD pockets because they fit well and hold up to a year’s worth of rough use.

  2. Other than the Habana, which is pretty close to perfect, I might stick a ribbon in to keep my place and loop it around, sort of like the marker than comes in the Basics notebook. Or I use paper clips and binder clips in my Quo Vadis Planner to try and keep track of the various calendars so I can flip quickly between the annual, monthly, and daily. For the Clairefontaines, I prefer the staple bound and fold them back on themselves, then use a smaller clip to hold them so I can transcribe my writing onto my computer.

    My biggest difficulty is transcribing from the thicker notebooks. Holding them open so I can type requires anything from a rubber band [which bows the covers], to binder clips, to trying to invent a book bungee like Levenger’s by using loops of ribbons. Clipping and unclipping the pages as I type is a pain. Two loose rubber bands are close to what I need.

    I have fantasies about soft cover notebooks similar to the Habana, but with 2 bands to hold the pages open, yet let me slip them out quickly to flip the page.

  3. I love my planner with the Robert le heros cover, but it doesn’t have anywhere to slide in a piece of paper, a cheque, business cards, etc. So I buy self-adhesive CD pockets and attach one to the inside front cover and one to the inside back cover, so that I have handy pockets to stick things in.

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