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I love books. Whenever I need to calm down I visit a bookstore and browse. I love the feel of a book. I like the smell of old books you can find in an antique store. I patronize my town’s little bookstore, even though it would be easier to order from Amazon or Barnes and get it delivered. With summer yard sales and flea markets coming up, one of my great delights on a Saturday morning is to buzz over to the table of books and spend some time going through them. Among them I have found notebooks, diaries and journals 100 years older and more–but that’s fodder for another post.

My partner travels for work  a lot, and is also an avid reader. But she is tired of lugging around two or three hardcover books for the trip. Her birthday is coming up in September, and I’m thinking about buying a Kindle for her to use.

Do any of you use a Kindle? How do you find it in comparison with “paper books”? Do you read more using this device? kindle

I wonder what its impact will be on publishing houses and authors. And I worry that Kindle and its competitors may  eventually eliminate paper books or tremendously restrict what authors and titles are available to people who prefer to read books in paper.

A February 24, 2009 New York Times article, “The Kindle: Good Before, Better Now” by David Pogue is here.

See Kindle on Amazon here.

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  1. I don’t own a Kindle–am still ambivalent about it. But one downside I noticed while on a flight this week is that it has to be powered down before take off and landing. Meanwhile, I was able to continue reading my paperback novel throughout the entire flight.

  2. I love both paper and electronic books. It’s such a tricky issue right now in the publishing industry, but both have their pros and cons. I have a Sony e-reader and love being able to carry multiple books with me without all the weight. Your partner sounds like the perfect candidate for a Kindle, so I’d say go for it!

  3. I recently got an Ipod Touch after I realized it can access the internet, and it can use all those apps for the Iphone I kept reading about. There is a Kindle application for it. I’ve downloaded a couple books and just the first chapters of a couple more. (It’s free to get the first chapter from the Kindle store on I have to say, I love it. I also love book books of paper–I was a ref. librarian in the past. If I traveled a lot, I know I would use it much more. For me, it’s comforting to have reading material always at hand as I carry the Ipod in my purse at all times!

  4. I really prefer paper. I have tried to read books online and always end up printing them. Maybe one day, I’ll break down and try a Kindle. But I’m not quite there yet – one thing to say is they are more environmentally sound – not killing any trees to print the books.

  5. I have a Kindle 2.

    I just got it last month, but I’ve always carried it with me since. For me, it’s not a replacement for browsing my local, old-fashioned store. I still visit all of the time. But, I’m a literature major, so I’m always reading classics–things that are already in the public domain. In these cases, carrying around a hard copy would often be irritating–most of the books are fairly sizable–plus it’s cheaper to just download a copy and load it onto my Kindle. When I’m reading recreationally, of course I’ll browse the shelves at my local indie second-hand shop, but for books that I know I can download for free, it’s generally more convenient to use my Kindle.

    If you have any questions, feel free to email!

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