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A number of customers have asked us to offer  Quo Vadis’  ABP1 in more Club covers.   For 2010, the ABP1 will be available in ALL Club colors – black, blue, cherry red, teal, saddle brown, spring green, pink and lilac.   Pink and lilac are new for 2010.   See all Club colors here.  


The ABP1 is the same size as our Exacompta Prestige Journal 21.   Both date books are 5 1/4 x 8 1/4 or 13 x 21 cm.   Journal 21 and ABP1 are daily planners.

So, if you feel like a change but still want to keep a daily diary, you can switch from one to the other and still keep your favorite cover.

The ABP1’s day-per-page is divided into an appointments column and notes.   It is printed on white paper.

The Journal 21 has room to write for each hour/half hour, and is printed on lightly tinted paper.

See Journal 21 here.   ABP1 here.  

Anyone prefer one over the other?

One thought on “Journal 21 & ABP1

  1. I’m using a Journal 21 this year as you kindly sent me a sample. But THIS is the perfect format for me. I can keep my appointments separate from my notes, directions, phone numbers for where I’m going, etc. Not so much wasted space on a page. And the colors! It’s going to be hard to decide which cover! Eureka!

    Why the not-so-glamorous name? Even “The Workaholic’s Calendar” would be an improvement!

    You keep right on tempting us with fantastic tools. I’m making a shopping list for next year already.

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