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If you’re in New York City today or tomorrow, there’s still time to attend the National Stationery Show! In the meantime, here are some pictures I took yesterday of our various products and displays… Lots of new stuff in here that we’ll be blogging about in the upcoming months.

The freshly revamped line of Clairefontaine “basics” notebooks… previously, these all had tan covers; now, they’re also available in black, red, and green (in various sizes with staple, cloth, and spiral bindings):


Our pretty new line of Mlle No notebooks, which unfortunately came out quite blurry (see better pictures here):


The yummy black-and-orange Rhodia display, with the much-anticipated Webnotebooks and the classic pads in a couple new sizes:


Club covers in new colors”pink, lilac, and my own favorite, mandarin orange (it’s a little darker and more saturated than the classic Rhodia orange):


The hardcore eco-friendly Equology notebooks and planners… I felt the paper on these, and I have to say, I would never have believed it was recycled”it’s smooth, bright, and thick. The covers (made from Italian PU, which is a non-woven material that has a coating of polyurethane on top) have a cool bumpy texture that’s fun to feel, too:


Coming soon (we hope) to a retailer near you!

11 thoughts on “From the National Stationery Show…

  1. I just got my first Club notebook in blue in the mail this week! I have to finish my old notebook before I can use it, but it’s hard to wait! It looks lovely sitting there in line to be used. 🙂

  2. Love all the color! Already have plans for a couple of those green Basics notebooks and that huge orange Rhodia with the elastic band should inspire exciting writing. Yep, I’m ready for a very bright summer. 😉

  3. Oooh, so much fun stuff! Thank you for sharing pictures.

    The Mlle Nos are adorable, and I love the new colors of the Basics, especially that deep red.

  4. Thanks for the pics! I, too, love the growing selection of covers. Sometimes basic black is necessary, but sometimes a bit of color and fun is nice! 🙂

    I’m also eagerly anticipating the new Habana covers. And I’d be really interested to hear how the new Equology notebooks fare with fountain pens!

  5. Yeah, the Mlle No is a bit frou-frou, but one of them has a very cool magnetic closure that I’ll blog about in the future once I’ve played around with it some more.

    Stupidly, I didn’t get any shots of the new Habana colors. There’s a group shot on the QV website, though, which should give you an idea; I can also poke around and see if we have any individual pics. The blue really caught my eye up close, and the taupe seems like a sort of nice, understated alternative to black.

    And yes, the hidden slogan is “Live well. Plan in style.”

    Happy to whet people’s appetites!

  6. Yay! I’m glad to see colors on the Basics. That’s going to seriously help me keep track of projects by color. The Mlle No looks like kiddy stuff, which I’m not interested in for work. Interesting to see the Rhodia.

    Any shots of the new colors on the Habanas?

    I’m totally drooling! Oh to be able to pick up a box all at once in assorted colors instead of hunting across the sellers. Tho’ I have to say, the assortment out there is gradually improving as some of the vendors figure out we really do want these.

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