Where to go: Win a Clairefontaine “Basics” notebook!

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As many of you know, our name, Quo Vadis, means “Where are you going?” in Latin. Well, we want to find out where you’re going these days—tell us, and you could win a free notebook.

I went to Wolfe Island in March. Karen went to Orient Beach. Biffybeans went drumming, and Kate Marshall went to Cook Forest.

So whether it’s a city or a statue, a mountain or a winery, send us a paragraph or three about your favorite spot (with pictures, if possible!) and let us know what’s so cool about it. Then, we’ll put it up on the blog, and at the end of each month, you’ll be entered in a random drawing to win a free Clairefontaine “Basics” notebook in your choice of color (red, green, tan or black) and binding (clothbound, staplebound or spiral). Eventually, we’ll put together a special section in the blog with everybody’s input—a sort of eclectic travel guide.

More details after the jump…

There’s no limit to the kind of place you can write about, or where it is in the world. But please don’t a) write about something in which you have a financial interest without disclosing it to us; or b) write about a place that’s pornographic or that other readers might find offensive.

Please submit your entry via our contact page. At the moment, there’s no way to attach or upload photographs. Once we receive your message, though, one of us will write you back, and you can email us any pictures you have.

Happy travels!

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