The amazing Technicolor pencil

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Another impulse buy I made last week at Art Brown is this lovely multicolored pencil from Koh-i-noor. Did anyone else have a pencil like this as a kid? Mine was small and pink, with four different colors of lead stuck together in quarters, like a pie chart, and I cherished it.

In this Koh-i-noor model, the colors are all mottled together, so it’s hard to control which one actually comes out when. Of course, that’s also part of the fun. Here it is on pale yellow paper:


5 thoughts on “The amazing Technicolor pencil

  1. I’m looking for wirebound notebooks with different colored pages (inside, not the cover)–ideally with graph rule instead of lines only. Too much to hope for? Anybody found something like that?

  2. I liked pencils like these when I was little too. It seemed like the best pencil because it had a rainbow of colours. I bought one again recently, for fun as well 🙂

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