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Lani Rosenstock is a New York based style consultant whose philosophy is that fashion is about being confident in your own unique look. Here, she’s back with some advice about spring trends and how a couple new pieces can help refresh what you already own.

Everyone is watching their wallets these days, shopping more out of necessity and less for entertainment. Even if you have a closet full of clothes, most women want just a few new things each season to make them feel as if their old wardrobe is new again.

I’m here to tell you which items will refresh your Spring wardrobe without looking oh so last season, next season. Some are things everyone should already have in their wardrobe as a basic and some are fun and trendy.

1. The Trenchcoat – Go all out here. This is something you’ll have for years, so spend the most that you can. If your coat is fabulous enough, it won’t even matter that you have last season’s clothes underneath!

2. The Nude Pump – Nothing, and I mean nothing, will make your legs look as long and lean as a nude pump. Go with the highest heel you can manage or try a wedge or platform style for easier height.

3. The Slouch Bag – Aren’t we all sick of super-heavy bags with lots of hardware? Find something in the thinnest of leathers that will still fit everything but the kitchen sink, without feeling as if you are carrying around the kitchen sink.

4. The Big Necklace – This trend has been gaining momentum for a few years and has now reached critical mass. Another easy way to make last year’s outfit new again.

5. A Touch of Python – An easy seasonal update, plain or in color, a high heel, flat or a clutch, it’s your choice. One thing I know, it won’t be hard to find!

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