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A few people who  volunteered via  a  blog comment to review J. Herbin inks never heard back from me.   I can tell you this is not for lack of trying on my part!   Either I did not get a complete email address from the poster, or, their email service provider thought a message from was spam!  

So, I am reaching out to  those of you still waiting for a reply to please ask that you contact me again.   I would be happy to send you the bottle of the ink you originally hoped to review. Since people (wisely) did not include their mailing address with their comment, I needed to write back to the person in order to address the package.


Leah and I will be offering contests and reviews on this blog thoughout the year.   I can tell you that if you do not hear back from either of us personally by email  within 2-3 days of your message  (and we usually respond within a day) either we didn’t receive it or our response isn’t being delivered.   If I have to request a response from our manufacturing plant or people in  France the wait may be a little longer as the question or issue is being researched.   Nevertheless, I will contact you to say that I received your question and we’re working on it.

I would ask that those of you who received “No Reply” to please try again by writing to  me directly via the form on this blog. And, everyone is always welcome to call me personally at 646-473-1754, Ext. 17 with any complaints, suggestions,  or requests.   I will do my very best to help you right away.

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