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When I stopped by Art Brown the other day to pick up some fountain pen supplies, I obviously couldn’t resist having a look around, and I ended up buying something that’s been on my mind for a while: a letter opener. I used to think these were nice, but inessential (and like most city dwellers, I try not to keep too much inessential stuff around the house). Then a couple of weeks ago, I opened an envelope that was taped shut at the top, and almost tore the letter inside.

The carved metal models were cool, but in the end I opted for a light curved wood design. Pretty, right? I figure it might save me a few fingernails, as well.

Do you use a letter opener?

6 thoughts on “Letter openers

  1. Oh yes, I use a letter opener. It saves my fingers and also keeps the envelopes I open looking more neat and clean. (And I do like to photograph them for me blog, so that’s a major perk.) Like B Irwin, I also handle way too much mail to be without.

  2. Thanks, Carys — I like it too! If I came across the right vintage model, I’d probably find it hard to resist, but this seemed like a nice modern alternative.

    jmignault, do you still carry a pocketknife around with you? I used to, but I stopped after flight regulations changed since I’d always forget to take it out of my bag when I traveled, and the security guys would make off with it… It does come in handy, though.

  3. I have a lovely brass letter opener that was my mother’s, but I often use a pen knife or a nail file if those are closer.

    That wooden opener is *gorgeous*.


  4. I almost always use a letter opener. I have a lovely one that came in a set from an organization to which I once belonged. They are wonderful for saving yourself from paper-related injuries and preserving your manicure!

  5. Sure. I have a variety from an antique brass one handed down from my dad’s business, to a pretty carved ivory one from India that pre-dates conservation treaties. My favorite, tho’, is a modern one with a plastic prong that feeds the opener into the envelope and a sharp little blade that neatly cuts the top as it slides along.

    I handle way too much mail to be without.

    Interesting shape!

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