Green and Orange Ink Reviews

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Here is the last batch of J. Herbin  green and orange ink  reviews from our St. Patrick’s Day offer!   Our deepest thanks and appreciation to all the reviewers for their comments and their time. The artwork and penmanship are a delight to see.  Thank you –  all   – very much.      herbin

Gentian from Drawing with a Squirrel reviewed Diabolo Menthe, Orange Indien and Vert Reseda.

Daniel from Passion du jour reviewed Vert Empire and Orange Indien.

Seth from Good Pens reviewed Vert Olive.

Stephanie from Spiritual Evolution of the Bean reviewed Diabolo Menthe and Vert Reseda.

Jason from Unposted reviewed Vert Pre.

Kim from Prosaic Paradise reviewed Lierre Sauvage.

John from reviewed Vert Empire and Vert Olive on The Fountain Pen Network.

Carys from All the Colors of the Carys reviewed Vert Pre and Orange Indien.

Margana from Inkophile reviewed Vert Reseda.

Beth from BTI Books reviewed Vert Reseda.

Eric from Mon Bon Voyage reviewed Vert Reseda.

Kooky Chick from Potentially Percipicacious reviewed Lierre Sauvage.

and Stephanie from Paper and Pens reviewed Vert Empire.

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  1. Thank you again! I know I am slow on my reviews but I used Gris Nuage all last week to take class notes and fell in love with it all over again. I really need to write that up, particularly since I now have plenty of writing samples!!

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