St. Patrick’s Day Ink Sampler

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The first batch of reviews are in! Leah and I will post the other reviews as they arrive.

Our first annual St. Patrick’s Day Ink Give-A-Way allowed volunteers to pick any J. Herbin green ink or orange ink to review. I included 2nd choices when I could, and also stuck in a Clairefontaine or Rhodia pad as a little surprise.

Thank you to Marie from Z. Quilts for the beautiful holiday artwork! st-pats

Marie from Z. Quilts reviewed Orange Indien and Vert Pre.

Brian from Office Supply Geek reviewed Vert Empire and Orange Indien.

Erin from La Plume Etoile reviewed Vert Empire and Vert Olive.

Margana from Inkophile reviewed Vert Olive.

BiffyBeans from the Spiritual Evolution of the Bean has recently reviewed Orange Indien, Vert Olive and Vert Empire.

Jeff from The Fountain Pen Network reviewed Vert Pre.

Zoe from Pentamento reviewed Vert Empire.

Stephen from The Eccentric Orange Gentleman reviewed Orange Indien and Diabolo Menthe.

I have two other ink reviews I would like to include with this post:

Chris from Amateur Economist did a review of one of the J. Herbin scented inks, Encre Bleu.   And Murderface from Reciprocal Crap Exchange did this one of Cafe des Iles awhile back.

Thank you all!   I’m glad everyone had fun with the inks!

2 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Ink Sampler

  1. Stay tuned. My samples just showed up this week, so there will be more reviews to come. Hoping to include pictures this time AND add Clairefontaine paper to the mix.

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