Numbers and lists

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As David Pescovitz pointed out on BoingBoing earlier this week, someone just sold a collection of three hand-written grocery lists from author William S. Burroughs on eBay. The lists are eccentric, to say the least (vodka, triscuits, marshmallows, and cat food), and they seem to’ve ended up selling for $400. What surprised me most, though, looking at the images William S. Burroughs numbered his shopping lists?

I can’t say I would have expected that. And they’re such short lists, too!

Do you enumerate your lists?

One thought on “Numbers and lists

  1. for class assignments, I usually make a list of what I have to do this week, and then number them in order of importance(or due time).
    I usually do so on an Office Depot Legal pad that I keep at my left hand on my desk for notes and such.

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