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Here are a couple more reviews from our St. Patrick’s Day ink giveaway… Since they come from blog-less reviewers, we figured we’d just post them here.

Erin C. tested Vert Reseda and made the lovely clover drawing that’s posted above. (“I realized a bit too late that it’s only a 3-leaf clover instead of the lucky 4-leaf shamrock,” she writes oh, well.)

She also sent us an image of her wonderfully comprehensive test pages, which I uploaded in its original PDF form since the color came through much better.

Nanci F. tested Lierre Sauvage, and here is her review:

“I tried the ink in an Levenger Tru Writer and an Omas Emotica, both with M nibs. The ink ran very well in both pens. I’ve have other J Herbin inks and I generally like the brand. I love the bottle with the built in pen holder. The color is is a beautiful green. From the bottle it looks like it will write much darker than it does. In the bottle it looks like a forest green while it writes more like a grass green. It is a great color. I love using many colors for writing at work every day. This will be a green I use in the mix. After my sample dried I did a water test and it held up very well. This is a good ink and a great color. I would buy it. Thanks for the free bottle, this was a very generous offer.”

Thanks again to all our reviewers!

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