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If, as the trend-spotters say, letter writing is making a comeback, I suppose it’s no surprise that our sister company, G. Lalo, was featured recently in a Newsweek roundup of fountain pen-friendly stationery.

I know that many of our you use fountain pens to write on our planners and on Clairefontaine and Rhodia notebooks. Do you ever use them on proper stationery? Karen sent me some blank verge cards last year, which I’ve slowly been going through for thank you notes and special occasions. Using a fountain pen would just make it feel all the more special. Still, I’m not sure I’m ready for a proper “from the desk of” sort of thing…

9 thoughts on “Fountain pen friendly stationery

  1. Finding decent stationery that is suitable for fountain pens has always been a problem. However, elegant stationery calls for elegant writing, which I believe is only possible with a fountain pen.

  2. Mr. Johnson, Herbin sells excellent sealing wax and engraved seals are widely available online if you wish a personalized one. I’m one of those that still gets comments on her letters when I send them to friends, specially when they are finished with an eye-catching lacre seal.

  3. Lalo stationery is one of the few first class stationery makers one can find today. The quality of the paper makes it very pleasant and a must for those that as myself miss a personal touch in a special occasion. Lalo vergé is wonderful, I sometimes write notes just to use it. Very classy, too.

  4. I have some nice note-card stationery that my church provides for my use (I’m a minister). It’s very heavy – almost cardstock, but takes fountain pen ink very well. I use these for personal notes, “thank-you’s,” congratulatory letters, etc. Better than sending an e-mail or computer generated letter, I think.

    Now I just need some sealing wax and a signet ring. 😉

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