The art of hand-written letters

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Did anyone else see the Telegraph piece about a resurgence in hand-written letters? I was intrigued, though my own letter-writing habits hardly substantiate the trend. Until a couple years ago, I had a few far-flung friends with whom I still exchanged letters. Now, we pretty much all rely exclusively on email. (Which needn’t be curt and unthoughtful, by the way!)

Do I miss writing letters? In the abstract, sure. There’s also nothing better than receiving a real letter from someone you care about. But I don’t expect my habits will change anytime soon… email is just too convenient.

Do you write letters? To whom, and how frequently?

4 thoughts on “The art of hand-written letters

  1. What a moving talk, Katherine — it reminds me of Randy Pausch’s decision to create tapes for each of his children with his thoughts and recollections of them, so they’d remember how much he loved them after he died. Doing that via letters is a lovely idea.

  2. I miss writing letters, of course. I’m a teenager, though, so writing letters isn’t exactly popular. Writing emails isn’t even popular ’round these parts. For the most part, I only send handwritten letters to family members around the holidays, included with a card.

    And, be sure to check out Lakshmi Pratury’s TED talk on “the lost art of letter-writing.” Touching, to say the least.

  3. My correspondents fall into 3 classes:
    1] elderly people who don’t have computers or who don’t feel comfortable typing email
    2] international correspondents where letter writing is a treat for both of us
    3] loved ones, where letters are saved, re-read, and carried about. It’s just not the same printing out a typed email to tuck under your pillow! And slipping a handwritten note into the pages of your adored one’s book or into their briefcase or lunch is still a fun way to surprise them with affection.

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