How many notebooks are in your regular rotation?

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As I mentioned earlier, I have a bunch of different notebooks that are dedicated to various work-related tasks to do lists, special projects, clients, and so forth. But I can’t even begin to fathom how to count or categorize the other notebooks that are lying around the house.

Like many writers, I carry a notebook with me pretty much wherever I go to jot down thoughts and ideas or remind myself of things I want to look up when I get home. Most times, it’s a black engraved Domo Habana, which sits in my bag, but I have a bunch of tiny Clairefontaine and Moleskine staplebound books that live in smaller purses, too, along with a Memoriae that I keep in my backpack when I go hiking.

I don’t keep a journal, but I dedicate at least one or two other notebooks around the house to random non-work musings. And I’ve had an irrational fondness for those black-and-white Mead composition books since high school (awkward size! flimsy paper! but so clunkily charming, somehow), which I keep on a table near the armchair that’s in my office. Still, there’s never a single notebook that’s the *only one* I use at any given time.

One of the nice things about this distributed system is that I rarely finish a notebook, which means I don’t have to worry about whether or where to “archive” it (though I was quite impressed by Biffybeans’s crated collection). Of course, it also means I may have to hunt for a half an hour to locate something I’m sure I jotted down somewhere.

How many notebooks do you use?

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  1. Exacompta or Clairefontaine for my private journal, car log, phone log, contact log, 2 pocket size in the purse [Piccadilly] – one for personal use, one for quick research, Habana to keep all the notes from my assorted writer’s classes. Quo Vadis planner for appointments, to do, directions, etc. And, of course, my current manuscript.

    That’s 9!

  2. I carry a pocket notebook to keep track of random bits. I use whatever brand stikes my fancy when it’s time to start a new one. I keep a daily journal, which also varies as to what brand. I use a Moleskine pocket planner to keep track of dates, appointments, weekly to-do list. At work I use one of the aforementioned composition books, though I think their size is anything but awkward. In fact, I think in terms of dimensions and number of pages, they’re just about perfect.

  3. Daily + rotation = 3

    1) Field Notes – I use daily for notes
    2) Generic Journal from Barnes & Noble (almost finished)- I use for note taking in meetings
    3) Department Store Journal (it’s actually really nice) – use as a journal

  4. I have an eclectic mix of notebooks in my current rotation. I’m using a large Moleskine lined notebook for journaling and collecting quotes. To track my business mileage and log visits I make in the course of a day, I use a Doane Utility notebook. Another Doane Utility notebook is used to keep notes for my blog, Coffee-Stained Memos. A Field Notes memo book is usually in my shirt pocket for personal notes, memos, photography notes, etc. I use a Franklin-Covey Compass wire-bound planner for daily tasks and planning. So I guess that would make 6 if you count the Franklin planner.

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