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Thanks to an administrative mix-up, guest blogger Stephanie “Biffybeans” wound up testing our Notor day-per-page planner. Here are her thoughts:

I received a package in the mail today, from Karen at Exaclair. I open it, and it’s a Red Quo Vadis Habana Notor Daily Diary. I scratch my head and think… “Hmmm… why did she send me this? I never spoke to her about a Notor.” I dashed off a quick e-mail to her and found out that it was sent to me in error. Back when she was looking for people to test planners, I didn’t volunteer because I don’t use a planner. I do have one of the tiny Exaplan monthly planners, which I use to jot the most basic of details, but since I journal fairly regularly, I just never even thought about using a diary/planner.

But since I’m such a paper junkie, I just *have* to test it out.

I immediately fall in love with the size. I always felt that for my tastes, the baby Habana was too small, and the papa Habana too large. Notor size feels just right. Because it’s a daily diary, it’s got a boatload of pages. Everyone I know wishes the Habanas had more pages. (Can you hear my gears a-turnin?) The Notor is filled with 64g paper, the same thin paper as the small Habana. It’s silky smooth & bright white. Though the 64g paper does have a wee bit of see through, I like writing on it better than the thicker 90g used in the large Habana. Like the small Habana, I notice only a very small amount of bleedthrough and it always seems to happen when I write on the right hand page, at the beginning of a line. I’m starting to wonder if I have a heavy hand as I start a line. I tested this paper with a dozen fountain pens of varying nib widths, (and on this paper, they all write true to nib width) and a variety of inks from Noodler’s, J. Herbin, Lamy, and Sailor. No feathering and like I said – only the tiniest of bleedthrough.

The cover is flexible, but stiff enough to hold up writing on my knee. The book lies flat, and opens flat. And the ruling? To me, it’s the perfect 7mm width. Once again, baby Habana ruling is too narrow, papa Habana way too wide. Notor ruling is just right. I also *really* like the lightly dotted ruling as opposed to the solid lines in the Habana journals.

I did mention that this is a diary right? With dates on the pages and maps and a place to put addresses etc.? Right now, I’m not seeing any of that. I’m seeing a “Notor” journal. As far as I am concerned, I want this book in this size, with this many pages, either blank, or ruled with the 7mm dotted ruling. And *THAT* might be one of the most perfect journals on the planet. C’mon my fellow paper enthusiasts! What say you? Would you be willing to buy such a product?

And to be fair, there are days when I don’t journal, and I can see how this diary might e helpful in jotting down just a few thoughts or things that happened in a single day to be written out later at length. So I am actually quite happy that this Notor showed up by mistake.

They say that everything happens for a reason…

10 thoughts on “Guest post: Biffybeans and the Notor

  1. I have just started journaling and feel that the smaller size Habana is too small and the large is difficult, for me, to use. Please produce a “happy” medium for my use. Just as a note – I would prefer a thinner line width than the large Habana has. Thanks.

  2. Okay, I don’t want to hijack this post but I didn’t know where else to pose this: I just noticed that the QV cover colors have changed! Club covers now come in a gorgeous lilac color!! And, the Robert L H covers come in beautiful dark or light purple colors! I am very excited about this, but I want to know, will these covers be available on the academic year calendars that will come out in a couple of months? And will these be the covers that will be available on the 2010 planners? Are there any 2009 planners that have these new cover colors? Any information you can tell us about the availability of these new cover colors would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Thanks kookychick for the heads-up about the Exacompta journals! I might have to get some of those to put in my favorite Club cover, a purple one that came with a Textagenda that I bought in France several years ago.

  4. Add me to the list of people who would enjoy the size and paper quality of a journal as you describe. The Journal 21 paper is my favorite of those I have tested so far and the line spacing is perfect. I’ll have to get my hands on a Notor just to see how it compares. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Oops–didn’t actually comment about the Notor-sized Habana! I’d definitely be interested–I love the E1401, but it would be even better with some type of closure. The Habana cover would be a welcome choice! 🙂

  6. Yes! Yes! Yes!
    I would be so very happy if Habana journals were offered in a medium size with more pages – it would immediately become my journal of choice. I generally go through 6-8 journals a year.

  7. The Notor appears to be the same size as the Textagenda. I love this size–I just scooped up a bunch of these at the local B&N on clearance to use as journals/notebooks. The Exacompta Basics journal refills (E1400, E1401, E1404) are the same size, too, I believe–I’m currently using it in the Chelsea leather cover and love it!!

  8. Oooo! Journal 21 format in THIS size? Tempting! Certainly more purse friendly.

    Have to agree with the Biff – a Habana as she describes would be interesting.

  9. I have to agree, the Notor is the perfect size. Not only would I love to see a journal in that size, but I really want the Journal 21 daily page format in that size. (The Notor format with appointments at the top doesn’t work for me, but the Journal 21 format is perfect. It’s just a little too big to carry everywhere.) I also love that the Notor size book has so many covers to choose from. It sure would be nice to be able to use my favorite Club cover on journal refills. Or even to splash out on a leather one that I could refill over and over again. Something to consider…

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