Dipped toes and dip pens

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To help me move beyond my utilitarian Pilot V-Balls, Karen generously sent me a small glass pen and some J. Herbin inks.

The idea behind the glass pen is simple: the nib has been sanded to a point, which you then dip into a bottle of ink, and start writing. Tiny ridges on the nib help store extra ink, enabling you to write for longer than you might expect often a full sentence or two and if you rotate the pen, you can squeeze out a few more words.

At any rate, it works surprisingly well (though as Biffybeans pointed out, the line does get thinner as you write, after each new dip). Beyond that, it’s just plain fun, and it turns writing into something that’s decidedly NOT utilitarian, and isn’t that what we’re all after when we talk about the sensual pleasures of paper and pen and ink? I found myself wanting to write something extra special, or make holiday or greeting cards, or at least some sort of drawing.


Next up: a test of the Waterman Phileas that Beth recommended…

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