A night of eco-friendly fashion

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I can’t say I usually pay much attention to New York’s Fashion Week, but last night I had the pleasure of attending my very first show, for eco-friendly artist and designer Susan Cianciolo. It seems Susan is a fan of our own eco-friendly planners, so Karen agreed to donate a bunch of Notors for the goody bags, and I got to go to the show.


It was held in a big, lofty gallery-type space downtown, and the models simply walked around in circles in one corner while the rest of us stood, looked on, and chatted. They weren’t all sixteen, six feet tall, and praying-mantis skinny, either; I was happy to observe some real women in the bunch. Susan’s sketches hung on the walls, but it was crowded, so I couldn’t get a very good look at them.


The clothes were cool–very colorful, with lots of different fabrics and textures, and sort of hippy-ish. I gather Susan works mostly with recycled and organic materials, which means it’s probably hard for her to make stuff on a large scale… though I did notice there were some t-shirts available on her website. I tried to take pictures, but the best way to see the designs is probably to check out her look book (which appears to have been shot in a much warmer, sunnier place than New York is these days).

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