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Speaking of pens, our friend Stephanie Biffybeans from Spiritual Evolution of the Bean recently tested some colorful fountain pen inks from QV sister company J. Herbin.

Do you write in color? Check out her overview of 10 different J. Herbin inks, or her in-depth reviews of the Rouge Caroubier, Rouge Bourgogne, and Poussiere de Lune colors.

2 thoughts on “Writing in color

  1. I adore these inks. However the Vert Olive has a disconcerting tendency to “vanish” when I’m trying to transcribe my notes at night under an incandescent bulb. Has anyone else experienced this? I wonder if a switch to flourescents would make it easier to see or harder?

    I currently have Orange Indien loaded in my pens and it’s so cheerful against the grey winter sky.

  2. What’s funny, is that I’ve never really been one for writing with bright colors, but know that I’ve been using these for a while, I’m finding I like the inks to match my moods the same way I choose a pen. I currently have 5 more of these inks in use and ready to review: Larmes de Cassis, Bleu Pervenche, Vert Empire, Orange Indien, and Rose Cyclamen. They are all such wonderful colors, which suit my writing needs as well as my tendency to doodle!

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