When Customer Comments Make A Difference

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One of our customers recently urged me to write about when customers made a difference in product changes, and  what new  products we developed in response to customer requests.

Customer complaints and requests matter, but up until now we have rarely been able to let the person know the changes they asked for  have been implemented. Many times, complaints and suggestions were made anonymously over the phone or by mail, or the email we received  with the original suggestion  is long buried in the hundreds of messages we  get every week.

But now with this blog, we have the opportunity for two-way communication with our customers, customers can also communicate with other customers, and customer comments are not only read every day by marketing people and management here in the United States, but also people from our parent company in France.

Here are some recent product changes made due to customer comments:

– We intend to reverse some changes made to the Quo Vadis Trinote that appeared in the 2009 edition.   People did not like the new spacing, icons, print and told us so. All of what will be changed is still in discussion, but I will report in the next few weeks what has been decided. Unfortunately, due   to printing and production requirements, the 2010 Trinote will be the same as the 2009 Trinote.   The changes will appear in the 2011 Trinote.   We ask for your patience.

-Many people wrote to us to ask for a full seven day planner. We changed Exacompta’s Horizon 11 format to incorporate a full day for Sunday, and renamed it Horizon 7.

-In the past, customers had a limited selection of Club colors for the ABP1 daily planner. ABP1 users wrote to us asking for more choices. This year, APB1 is available in the full range of Club colors.

-Customers have asked us for planners made with recycled paper. This year, “Equlogy” is being introduced in the U.S. and Canada. Equology planners are made with 100% post consumer waste fibre, chlorine-free and manufactured using biomas energy. These recycled paper planners will be available in the Minister, President, Sapa X, Scholar and Textagenda formats.

-Some customers have asked us for planners that go beyond the standard 12 or 13 months. We modified three planners to respond to this request: Monthly 4, a desk monthly, is now 18 months. Student, a pocket weekly, is 17 months. Exaplan, a pocket monthly, is 21 months.

-Finally, customers from one of our brands may not be aware of the other brands that Exaclair, the distributor of Quo Vadis here in the U.S., represents. We also distribute Clairefontaine, J. Herbin, G. Lalo, Exacompta and several other lines, including Rhodia.

Rhodia customers have asked for several years for a weekly planner. In response, Quo Vadis has manufactured  a Rhodia Weekly Notebook that will be introduced this year in two sizes, and two colors-black and orange. In keeping with Rhodia’s famous notepads, the notes pages will be done in grids.   In honor of our fountain pen users, the large edition (6 x 9″) is fountain pen friendly at 90 gr.  

There have been other changes and developments, and I will write about them in the months ahead. I will also discuss changes we have been asked to make and did not. I’ll  share the reasons behind those decisions, too.

You do make a difference.   Keep writing. email.jpg

7 thoughts on “When Customer Comments Make A Difference

  1. Am I right in thinking that the ABP1 is the same size/ has the same dimensions as the Journal 21? Does that mean that the Journal 21 will be available in the full range of Club colors too?

    Thank you for listening to your customers, we really appreciate it!!

  2. I had a Daily Notor in 1998 that had a beautiful hard cover. I have yet to ever find another one. Is there one available or did Quo Vadis stop making hard cover daily Notors?

  3. oh yay! I didn’t know you did J Herbin inks too (drool). i doubt it’s possible but i’d love a sampler pack of colour cartridges… either by colour themes or shades (to keep the 6per tin) there are so many delicious colours it’s difficult to choose and instead of sticking by my favourites (encre gris nuage and poussiere de lune) i think i’d try more of the others … and then buy a whole bottle..

    for the Rhodia weekly planner, what does “this year” mean? do i have to wait until my birthday (at the end of october) ? 😉 and is it mon-sun?

  4. I like the Habana covers with the matching color elastic. Could you create an elastic holder for the removable cover? It would stop it from bending out of shape through usage. Also for the 4-6″ planners, it would be better to add Sunday on the right and put the space for the notes at the bottom.

  5. This is great news, and much appreciated. I sent a note to Filofax with a question about an insert and never got a response. It’s nice to see you listening to your customers.

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