The Bubble Calendar

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A Brooklyn, NY man has figured out how to combine his love for popping bubble wrap with calendars.

Stephen Turbek, 36, who works in the financial industry, spends his free time designing and producing interactive bubble wrap calendars. Turbek fashions the “pop-a-day” calendar using a long sheet of paper with the month and dates printed in columns, and covers the whole thing with  a covering of bubble wrap.

“Like many people,” Turbek said, “I really enjoy popping bubbles. I thought it would be fun to put it to some purpose.” bubble.jpg

There’s even a market for bubble calendars overseas. Turbek says he has shipped them to Australia, Latvia, Korea and Japan. Turbek has a German and Japanese version of the calendar, and wants to produce even more language options next year.

“It’s the universal appeal of popping bubbles,” he said.

See all the bubble calendars here.

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