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When we started this blog some 2-odd years ago, we described our subject matter as “planning, paper, and people” a broad set of topics, obviously, and one that’s enabled us to write about things like travel, time management, wildlife, paper, and more.

Going forward, we’d like to learn more about what you, our readers, would like to see on this blog. More tips on productivity? More information about our products? More random strange, cool things or guest bloggers? After the jump, you’ll find a preliminary list of topics that Karen and I came up with to start… if there’s something in particular that speaks to you (or doesn’t), please let us know in the comments!

Organization/time management

New product updates

Strategies for using QV planners

Writing (composition and/or penmanship)


Pens and writing tools



Personal creativity





Random trivia and factoids




8 thoughts on “Survey: Blog topics!

  1. The art and craft (possibly therapeutic value) of writing in a journal.

    journal-ing, diary-ing, daily muse-ing, word-scribble-ing, word-doodle-ing.

    david boise ID

  2. I would really love to see a blog on Strategies for using Quo Vadis planners. I think this would be really useful for generating ideas and interest among users, and it would be extremely useful for Quo Vadis design and marketing people to get a chance to see “inside” users’ own planners. I am always interested in how people use their planners and how I can incorporate their ideas into my own system.

    I would also love to see Time Management/ Organization, New Product Updates, Productivity, Personal Creativity, and maybe Travel.

  3. Fountain pens, inks, posts by authors who use the Quo Vadis/Exacompta/Clairefontaine products and/or write their manuscripts long hand. A major interest is the feedback from our feedback – when the line spacing gets changed because of our input, when a product is updated, when ribbon markers get placed in notebooks and journals. I’m a professional writer using your products for my business because of their quality. I’d like to hear from more people who use them as their office products and how, not just personal journaling or ink testing, fun and useful and appealing as that is. As such, time management tips would be useful adjuncts to the planner products.

    The guest blogger idea above sounds like a viable option.

    I believe your readers would love to be a regular and integral part of your product research, marketing, and placement. Over and over we moan on assorted boards about the difficulty in finding all the products we search for in one place. Regular feedback through this site to the vendors might be the answer!

  4. The more random posts (i.e., the recent one about “Sea Glass”) are cool but I do also like hearing about paper products, pens, time management, etc. So more of those topics would be awesome.

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