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We have gotten about 10-15 emails from people telling us how much they hate the new Trinote.  

That’s practically an avalanche of email on a particular subject.

Here’s one such message: “I just got the 2009 version and dont like the font change or what ever typographic changes were made. it looks squished and even though it seems the measurements between the lines of time are the same it just seems less clear. the line weight has increased. my vote is go back to what worked for years.”

Would anyone else like to comment on the 2009 Trinote?   Does anyone out there  like the new format?

We will continue to  forward your comments and concerns to the product development managers  in France.   The films for the 2010 Trinote are already done, so there is nothing we can do about next year.  And, since the Trinote and all the other formats are the same internationally, we cannot make changes for just the United States or Canada.  

However, we do bring the complaints, praise, concerns and suggestions we receive from Quo Vadis customers  to the French design team.   We will be speaking with them before the end of this month  to address the issues  that have been raised on the new look Trinote.

You can make your voice heard.   Please write to us, or comment via this blog.   Thank you for taking the time to write.

Very Happy New Year wishes to all.  

3 thoughts on “2009 Trinote

  1. I absolutely agree with all the above comments! I was very disappointed with the changes for 2009. I’ve used the product for at least 18 yrs. I’m not opposed to showing the holidays for many cultures, but do they have to take up that much space on MY DAILY PRIORITIES? I prefer the old format on the far right as I still do “write” people and what’s with the BIG space for “Pay – Receive $?! I preferred everything about the Planner prior to the changes. Bottom line…some things are simply best left alone! Now the Company I was getting it from can’t seem to even find the product. Where do I find it in Vancouver, BC Canada?

  2. My 2009 Trinote arrived this morning. I need the planner too badly to return it, but I could not be more disappointed. The former elegant font is gone; in its place is a graceless version of “text lite.” As a writer/editor this is painful to view each and every day. And who needs icons to either remind us of obvious functions? What on earth drove management to such a terrible decision? At least I have 363 days to search for a new design…

  3. I just wrote a note to customer service with just this complaint. It’s awful! The font, the line weight, the stupid icons. And to think it’s already fixed in stone for 2010??? That’s enough to make me want to switch planners. I just wrote my first entry in it and already loathe it. I suppose I’ll get used to it but I simply don’t understand why this re-design was not better vetted by designers. It looks like an intern designed it and it was approved because he/she was a relative of the owner.

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