The refill run-around

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We’re coming up on the new year, which means it’s time for those of you with reusable covers to order planner refills—if you haven’t done so already, of course, or you want to switch to a different format.

Simple, right? Actually, we’ve been getting emails from some customers who say it can be difficult to find the right refills because stores don’t stock the ones they need. We’ve got a list of retailers to try on our website (the local stores are highlighted, but we also list national chains, online venues, and mail order companies in the right-hand menu). But maybe it’s a good idea to open the question up to our readers…

Have you ever had trouble finding planner refills? And conversely, are there any stores or websites you’ve discovered that are particularly reliable for your particular format, or in your particular area? If so, please post them in the comments!

And let’s hope the “wisdom of the crowds” comes through for everyone.

One thought on “The refill run-around

  1. i have used your Trinote calander for years (a new one each year of course).

    I just got the 2009 version and dont like the font change or what ever typographic changes were made. it looks squished and even though it seems the measurements between lines of time are the same it just seems less clear. the line weight has increased.
    my vote is go back to what worked for years.
    the change is making me look at other calanders.

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