L’eau si belle

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Earlier this year, Clairefontaine released a limited-edition perfume, L’eau si belle (Such beautiful water), in celebration of their 150th birthday.

The name was inspired by a line in a traditional French song, la Claire Fontaine, or the clear fountain: Ãla claire fontaine¦ J’ai trouv l’eau si belle. (French and English lyrics have been transcribed at this website.) I wasn’t familiar with the song until I learned of the perfume, but it’s very simple and beautiful; you can listen to a recording that was featured in the movie The Painted Veil on YouTube.

The perfume itself is lovely and bright, with notes of citrus, fruits rouges, and jasmine. I don’t wear perfume often, so I don’t know quite what to compare it to, but I will say that I appreciate how very light it is. (Don’t want to be distracted by how I smell all day.) It feels quite summery, and like what it’s supposed to evoke fresh water, a clear stream.

If you want to see for yourself, it’s currently on sale at the Clairefontaine website for 29 Euros.

Gift idea, anyone?

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