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Here is a second group of planner  reviews.   Again, my sincere thanks to all  the reviewers for their time,  thoughtful remarks and gracious comments.  

I will make a report on all the reviews we receive at the June 2009  planning meeting, when U.S., Canadian and French representatives discuss what enhancements and changes have been requested by Quo Vadis customers and company designers.

As a general rule the number of pages in each book is what we have to work with–so if we add additional pages of maps, we need to delete notes pages or other information pages.  

Since the books are printed and bound, we cannot add an extra one or two pages, we need to add a minimum of four. The more pages we add, the more we add to the cost and the size of the book.   Since the books are refillable, increasing the size at some point impacts whether or not the planner still fits well in the original cover.   Consumers get pretty annoyed, and understandably so,  if the cover they purchased no longer fits their refill.

Planners need to keep pace with the needs and lifestyles of the people who use them.   Thank you to all our reviewers for telling us what you need  and what’s important to you. That’s exactly what we want to hear.

Zoe from Pentamento on Journal 21 and Academic Minister

Speedmaster from Amateur Economist on Journal 21

Trisha from Stolen Moments on Space 17

Jyll from Just Jyll on Notor

Lani from screaming into the ether on Minister

and a few from The Fountain Pen Network! – Journal 21, Minister, and another Journal 21 review.

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