Soeur Emmanuelle

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Christine Nusse, the head of Quo Vadis in the U.S., picked up a copy of the magazine Paris Match to read on her flight from Paris to New York.

The cover and cover story of that October 23-28 edition featured Soeur Emmanuelle, who passed away on October 20, one month short of her 100th birthday.

In a photo of Soeur Emmanuelle’s desk Christine spotted a familiar object – a Quo Vadis planner.

Sr. Emmanuelle lived for more than 20 years among scavengers in Cairo’s slums and who has been compared with Mother Teresa for her fight to defend the rights and dignity of the poor. The association she founded now operates in eight countries from Lebanon to Burkina Faso. soeur-emmanuelle5.jpg

During a television interview she was asked what her favorite word was. Sr. Emmanuelle replied with the Egyptian Arabic word Yallah, or “go ahead.” She said stop was her least favorite word because “you must always go forward in life.”

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