What to do with those old diaries…

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I just found out about Cringe, a new book by Brooklyn based writer Sarah Brown that reprints real teenage diary and journal entries, letters, stories, and so on. The idea grew out of a monthly reading series that she organizes at Freddy’s Bar & Backroom, and the title’s more than perfect. I don’t own the book, but there are some excerpts on the Internet that make me think it’s worth reading, in a humble frame of mind:

OK. It’s the end of February. No more kidding around! You have to go out with someone! You haven’t gone out with someone since the summer! At least fool around with someone! Come on! You’ve got it in ya!

Kudos to the brave souls who bared their souls for our benefit… it’s more than I could do (though I never really kept a diary, anyway).

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