What to do with all those little notes?

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Receipts, crumpled papers, notes, restaurant cards, coupons and  newspaper clippings pile up in your bag, briefcase or backpack, and sorting through them wastes time.


1. Use binder clips on your planner to add to your space inside the cover  sleeves. Binder clips are getting more and more fun beyond the basic black.


2. Evernote is an online service that helps you store and search information on your computer and within multiple electronic devices.   Snap photos of wine labels or business cards–even handwritten words on a napkin–using a cellphone camera and upload the pictures to create images and documents that the program transforms to searchable information.

3. Women can buy a Purseket, a fabric panel of pockets that goes inside a purse to better organize belongings.

4. Zippered seal plastic bags.

Other suggestions?

Key to organizing scraps and jottings is to clean them out at least once a month. Otherwise, you forget what you clipped and kept.

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