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Lani Rosenstock is a New York based style consultant whose philosophy is that fashion is about being confident in your own unique look. Today, she reviews a few of her favorite Quo Vadis planners.

As a Style Consultant and small business owner with a schedule that changes as quickly as she walks the streets of Manhattan everyday, my planner is my lifeblood. I need something practical yet stylish enough to pull out in front of clients who rely on my taste level and personal shopping abilities. It also has to be in a fabulous color.

At first glance, the Business Weekly Planner and the Daily Pocket Diary both fit my needs. They have an extraordinary Aqua Blue club cover with a contrasting saddle stitch, are light enough to carry around, and are refillable. I make use of my planners not just for appointments but also to write in my endless to do lists. Some days the to-dos get done on the day they are listed. On the days that they don’t, I have to remember to go back in my planner.

The Business Weekly planner not only enables me to see all of my appointments for a given week in one glance, but it’s separate sections on the right-hand side of the page have specific categories for my to-dos: phone, fax, email, see-do, and notes. With this multi-tasking planner, my to do lists can be done by week, not by day, eliminating the need to remember to look back in my planner for unfinished items. And since I never go anywhere without my planner, it is nice that its trim size (not even a half inch high, 4″x6″ around) guarantees that it will fit into the slimmest purse.

The Daily Pocket Diary, with its smooth ivory paper and big, open, lined pages, presents a clean and clear place for my lists and appointments. Its small measurements (3 1/2 x 5 1/8 around) contradict its one inch thickness, making its inclusion into an evening clutch difficult. It is also absent the Canadian and World Time-zone maps included in the Business Weekly planner I am considering, although it does have one for the US. Outweighing these negatives is the monthly calendar at the beginning of the book, which I have had in previous planners, and have come to rely on. The most important thing: I am inexplicably drawn to this one. I love the weight and thickness of it in my hand, the feel and color of the paper. In short, it is exactly how my clients want me to dress them, practical but always stylish with that extra something. I think I’ve made my decision.

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  1. Reporting back: I am using the Exacompta Daily Pocket this year, and I really like it. It has monthly calendars with spaces that are large enough to write significant events or appointments. And, it also has annual planners with the months as columns, which is great for planning travel and other major events coming up in the year. The combination of the daily, monthly, and semi-annual views has solved my dilemma: the daily pages let me keep track of the details, and the monthly calendars let me keep my eye on deadlines and other planning. Excellent planner! And, so small, light and portable. Powerful planning in a tiny package.

  2. I am constantly battling with myself over which format to use: day per page or weekly view. The day per page is great for recording things and taking lots of notes, but it doesn’t let me plan ahead as well as a week view. But, a week view planner doesn’t give me as much room to record things each day, unless the planner is very large in which case it doesn’t fit in my purse. This is the classic dilemma that I ponder every year!

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