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If you’ve got a blog, a website, or a Facebook or MySpace page, we’ve got a special offer for you: we’ll send you one of the following planner formats for free if you agree to write up a review and post it online:

Daily Pocket – Daily
Journal 21 – Daily
Notor – Daily (in Habana)
Business – Weekly (in Habana)
Space 17 – Weekly
Visual – Weekly
Trinote – Weekly
Minister – Weekly (in Habana)

Just let us know which format you’d like to review, and then drop us a line once you’ve posted your review, good or bad (we can take it).

13 thoughts on “Special review offer

  1. I am a business user and used to use Quo Vadis, I would very much like to review the Journal 21, we supply a number of diaries to our sales team.

  2. I would like to review the Visual in pink or red if possible. It looks like the Franklin Covey I currently use but with slightly different note taking format which might work better.

  3. I would love to review the Journal 21 or the Trinote, preferably. They both seem like they have their strong points. I use my planners for tracking too–keep logs of expenses, grad school stuff, coffee intake, etc. Thanks for linking to the fountain pen Network & telling us about this–paper that works with a strong fountain pen is hard to find!

  4. I’d prefer a Journal 21 or Notor as I have an intense schedule, but will take any larger format with paper thick enough for fountain pens so the ink won’t bleed through. Thanks for linking to the Fountain Pen Network and telling us about this.

  5. I wouls like to try the Minister or Notor if possible. If color is an option black would be great but any color would work. I have a myspace and facebook blog as well as many other social networking sites and planner communities. Thank you!

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