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I’m not a crafty person. I can’t draw, knit, cross-stitch, or make pottery, and the crown jewel of my sewing experience was the apron I made in 7th grade Home Economics (a subject they still teach in the Midwest, at least when I was a kid).

Nonetheless, even I was impressed by how easy decoupage is. After I suggested the technique as a way to customize date- and notebook covers, I figured I might as well figure out how to do it myself, so Karen kindly sent me some Decopatch paper, glue, and a paintbrush.

I started with a notebook, and without much of a plan. But decoupage is perfectly suited to that if you add a piece of paper that you think is going to look good, and it doesn’t, you can always cover it up with another piece, or balance it out somewhere else. Not that my final design (pictured above) is going to win any prizes. Still, it’s nice and colorful, and it felt good to do something with my hands other than write or feed myself.

Do you decoupage?

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