Celtic New Year

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When I was younger, I celebrated October 31 as Halloween.  The holiday has its origin as Samhaim (pronounced Sow-en) meaning, “Summer’s End.”

Years later, when I was invited by a group of New York City Celts for a party on October 31, I was greeted at the door with the welcome, “Happy New Year!”

Belfast-born musician, Van Morrison,  sings about Celtic New Year in his 2005 album, Magic Time.


“If I don’t see you through the week

See you through the window

See you the next time we’re talking on the telephone

And if I don’t see you in that Indian summer

Then I want to see you further up the road

I said, oh won’t you come back?

I have to see you my dear

Won’t you come back in the Celtic New Year?

In the Celtic New Year…”

Happy New Year to all.

Read the lyrics.   Hear the song.  magic-time.jpg

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