The Butler Bag

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The Butler Bag is designed to help women find things in their bag.

A busy working woman who’d just given birth to twin girls, Jen Groover was frustrated by the lack of organization in her purse. head-shot-jen1.jpg

She envisioned designing and marketing a “Butler Bag” – a purse-meets-tackle box aimed as busy women looking to organize their lives.

Unlike standard pocketbooks, Grover’s Butler Bags would come with built-in compartments, with slots for everything women carry around from Blackberrys, compacts, iPhones, brushes, keys, wallets, etc.

“I wanted to solve the problem of the black hole of women’s handbags,” said Grover, 35. “This is organization without compromising fashion.”

While the Butler Bag looks like other bags on the outside, hidden inside are dividers. With this tidy system, women don’t have to fish around for keys, or change, or mints that have dropped to the bottom of the purse.

The bags are priced from $125 (shown here) to $1800 for deluxe models. 270x300blackhybrid.jpg

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