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Quo Vadis, our parent company in France, recently introduced a new  line of notebooks. Memoriae journals each have a different theme to record notes, thoughts and memories. The Memoriae collection is like organizing your memoirs into different diaries. home_uk_memoriae3.jpg

Each journal is dedicated to a different part of living: My Travels, Weekends, Child, Cooking, Wines, Loves, Hikes, Culture, Joys, Sorrows, Dreams and Friends.

My Memoriae is a global “Quo Vadis” of where to go, what to see, things to do and experience. It is a social network to share stories with people of similar interests.

Stephanie who blogs on Spiritual Evolution of the Bean answered my call for volunteers to review Memoriae.   Here is her review.  biffy-bean.JPG

A few other people volunteered as reviewers for Memoriae. I will post their reviews as they go up on their blogs or websites.  

Thank you, Stephanie, for taking the time to review Memoraie and write about it.   I really appreciate your honest thoughts and feelings about the product.

Quo Vadis in the U.S. does not have plans to import Memoraie at this time.   However, if you live in North America and wish to purchase any of these journals, they can be found online in Canada and the U.K. here and here.

I will be blogging about the Habana Notebook reviews later this week.

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