How do you personalize your planner?

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Geralin Thomas of Metropolitan Organizing in Cary, North Carolina uses a Minister  weekly planner.   However, she has adapted the dashboard of action items to meet her own needs. Here’s how she described it: aboutgeralin.jpg

“Regarding the Minister’s right columns: delete the category, “Write” and instead add, “Buy” and “Dinner.” Alphabetize the list:

A: Action

B: Buy

C: Call

D: Dinner (as in what is for dinner every night of the week)

E: E-mail

F: Future (stuff you need to do, later)

This is how I customize each box within the Minister’s weekly layout for myself; I share this alpha list with clients and they love it! It’s easy to remember, too.

If you really want to make it user-friendly, add lines in the “Call” section making it easier to write names and numbers in an orderly fashion.”

Thank you, Geralin – you always have great suggestions.

How do you personalize your planner?

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  1. Kara Russelo, owner of Little Virgo Organizing in Holly Springs ( uses Microsoft Outlook’s Calendar to keep track of appointments and color codes them based on appointment type and priority.

    “I keep it simple with the “Stoplight System” for prioritizing everything from emails to calendars to “to-do” lists.

    – RED for high priority appointments such as client meetings
    – YELLOW for medium priority tasks like phone calls or non-client engagements that can be shuffled if needed
    – GREEN for personal or fun stuff which is very easy to cancel if I’m swamped or exhausted.

    Then I print my calendar, and stick it in in the front of my Levenger Circa notebook ( which goes everywhere with me. In less than 3 seconds, I can see how busy my month is and which items I definitely can’t miss!”

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