Fall’s fashion quandary

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Lani Rosenstock is a New York based style consultant whose philosophy is that fashion is about being confident in your own unique look. Today, she’s back with a trend report on fall styles.

Who do you want to be this season? Huntress, Bohemian Goddess or Sexy Secretary? No recent season has offered us so many characters to play at once. I don’t suggest choosing more than one of these for work or your boss may suspect multiple personality disorder. But feel free to don a feminine blouse and pencil skirt to play the Sexy Secretary by day and a Boho dress after dark to bring out your inner Bohemian. Feeling brave? A Huntress would put a feather in your cap, literally, and swirl around in a plaid cape or menswear inspired vest. All this costumery too much for you? You’ll be happy to know that another look of the season is Minimalism.

Accessories offer another outlet for creativity this season. The most important footwear trend is the bootie. I love it in grey suede, which will let you hit another trend of the season, grey shoes. Last season’s big necklaces have only gotten bigger. If this trend is well, too big for you, create a long and lean tough girl look with a variety of layered chains around your neck. Not one for necklaces? Embrace the costume jewelry trend with a large cuff.

Our style, like our lives, should be constant but always changing. We all have a core style but we should be looking for ways to update and refresh that style each season. I’m hoping that these resources will help you to do just that!

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