12+ Month Planners

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We currently offer four planners beyond the standard 12 months plus a few additional weeks.   They are:

Exaplan –  a monthly planner  – 21 months

Monthly 4 – a monthly planner – 18 months

Scholar – a weekly planner – 18 months

Student – a weekly planner – 17 months

Scholar is normally printed as a 12-month planner.   However, 18-month versions are sold at Barnes & Noble, and the online retailer, The Daily Planner.

What length planner works best for you now – 12, 13, 18, 24 months?

2 thoughts on “12+ Month Planners

  1. I’ve honestly never stuck with a planner longer than about 5 months, but as a student my life kind of changes that often.

    I’m also not quite into ‘real life’ enough to schedule things out that far. I’ve scheduled post-ops about a month or so out, but that’s the longest I’ve ever done.

    I used a trinote last year in school because that’s what worked best, but working full time in an office this summer, I switched to a small week-per-page planner because I didn’t have to schedule things as crazily.

    In a perfect world I’d be able to get an e-ink planner that would change formats as life changed, yet would still use something like a ‘pen’ to write info on.

    You guys should make an iPhone planner app.

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