Planning à la carte

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We offer address book refills for several of our planners. Recently, a couple of readers requested a similar format for notes. (I may not always need an address book, but a pull-in, pull-out note section would be invaluable, wrote a reader from D.C.)

It sounds like a good idea to me, but I’m curious to hear what others think. Would you be willing to pay a couple dollars extra for a detachable notes supplement? Or, in order to keep your favorite planner the same price, would you swap the address book for it? Are there any other supplements you’d like to see instead, or in addition?

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  1. I would like pockets in the agendas. I have one of the cool illustrated covers (can’t remember the artist’s name) and it doesn’t have anywhere to slip in a note, a check, a bill, whatever else you might need to keep in your agenda that day.

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