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Our parent company, Quo Vadis in France, recently introduced a line of notebooks each with a different theme for notes, thoughts and memories. Called “Memoraie,” each notebook is dedicated to a different part of living: My Travels, Weekends, Child, Cooking, Wines, Loves, Hikes, Culture, Joys, Sorrows, Dreams and Friends. home_uk_memoriae3.jpg

My Memoraie also offers  a social networking component, a website in French, English, Italian and Spanish where individuals can go to share their experiences with one another.   My Memoraie is a global “Quo Vadis” of where to go, what to see, things to do and try.

You can read more about the notebooks on the French site, and on the Quo Vadis Canadian site.  

Memoraie notebooks can be purchased individually or as a set. We have hesitated to import them into the U.S. because the terrible Euro situation makes them pretty expensive–about $25 a notebook.

I have a few samples in the office.   Would anyone like to volunteer to review a Memoraie notebook to tell us and the other blog readers what you like and don’t like about it; what you would find valuable about Memoraie notebooks and the online community, and whether or not you believe they would be successful in the U.S.?   I would also be interested to know what “themes” you like the most, so if we decide to import them, we select the ones Quo Vadis customers find the most appealing.   Thank you!

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  1. The little black Quo Vadis books used to be for sale at Caldwell’s in Seattle’s University Village. I have used them for travel and for jotting down books recommended, things to buy, people’s phone numbers and addresses abroad, things to do when I get home, and have filled four so far. They’re invaluable to look up dates, places, events, people, products, and always, books I need to read.
    When looking for the 5th, I was told that Caldwell’s no longer stocked them because of expense and difficulty of importing them.
    Originally they were marketed as Bruce Chatwin’s notebooks — with a little pocket in the back to keep tickets, small maps, pieces of important paper, etc.
    Eventually, I found a red one in New Zealand, still reasonably cheap at about US$11.
    I treasure these books. They are always instantly available for whatever needs to be jotted down, particularly in places where there is intermittent or no power and a laptop is not useful. Also — they don’t weigh much and need not be unpacked laboriously at every security check point.
    Small photographs, tickets to events or museums, letters from friends, any keepsake small enough can be pasted into the book and fondly remembered years later. Tangible memories, available at the moment, to the touch.
    Black book No.4 contains the many thoughts sitting by my mother’s bedside, unrecognized because of her dementia, while she was dying. Books 1-3 tell of changes and sameness of repeat visists to the Serengeti. Book 2 of vain attempts to get a glimpse of Fitzroy and Cerro Torre during a snowfall in the Southern summer — and eight condors squabbling over a road kill.
    I would not go anywhere without my red No.5 (the relevant number gets painted in gold on the cover),
    and some day my children and grandchildren may read about their long gone mother and grandmother by simply picking up a battered little book rather than having to find scattered bits on an outdated laptop.

  2. As a obsessed notebook and calendar person (obsessed in the good way) I would love to review one of these. I’ve seen themed journals before and have resisted them–mostly because of the poor quality of the paper or some design issue. I’d love to see how these compare and would gladly write it up.

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