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Many of our datebook covers come in a broad range of colors and designs, but so far, our Habana notebooks are only available in black, red, and orange. A blog reader recently suggested that we add more colors to this lineup, so I thought I’d put the question out there: would you like to see more colorful notebook options? Which colors interest you?

We’re already planning a blue cover for our 2010 Habana planners, and we can certainly look into using it for our notebooks, too. The RLH notebook collection also offers some more interesting and colorful covers. And we’ve been talking about teaming up with a laser engraving service to offer cool cover art like this and this, though that’s still in the early stages.

Decopatch, of course, is another option we offer for craft-minded cover enthusiasts…

5 thoughts on “How creative is your cover?

  1. I love the Decopatch patterns and colors. I’ve never tried to use this product, though, and I’d be afraid of not putting them on straight or something! 🙁 I would love more ready-made colorful covers, so I didn’t have to worry about glues and application, etc.

    I particularly like the animal print, floral/leaf, and paisley patterns! Yum! If we’re going with solid colors, I also love purple, like “worldwide”. Blue and green would also be lovely. 🙂

  2. I had the hardback cover that ‘worldwide’ is describing, and I miss it terribly! I really wish Quo Vadis would make those again. Also, personalizing the cover is a fantasic idea!

  3. I LOVE the postcard idea. Maybe a clear plastic sleeve over the cover where you could slide the postcard in?

    About 10 years ago Quo Vadis made their Textagenda in the US with a hard cover–not semi-hard like the Robert le heros, but really hard, like a hard-backed book, with a somewhat shiny finish. There were various colorful designs to choose from. I really miss that hard cover.

    Also, I really wish the ABP1 came with covers in a wider variety of colors. Actually what I wish for is a slightly smaller version of the ABP1 (like the size of the Notor), because I love the page layout but the book is just a little too big for me to carry around everywhere. With a hard cover would be nice.

    My favorite color is purple. A few years ago I bought a Textagenda in France, with a purple Club cover. It was great, and I still have it to use refills in. More fun colors like that would be nice.

    I would love to be able to have my name or initials engraved onto the cover to personalize it. This would make great gifts too.

  4. I love to muck things up with stickers, so a cover that is compatible for stickers is a must. I’m also quite partial to vintage post cards.

    Maybe a cover where we can slide in a standard size post card? It wouldn’t be too hard, just cuts and glue in all the right places. That way you could change it seasonally, or buy a multi pack and customize a series. You could then sell your own brand of postcards (seasons, months, holidays, etc), or allow people to put in their own.

    Likewise, you can buy postcard blanks at stores like Paper Source to make your own. That way, you can customize your notebook, but be able to change it on a whim.

    Blue would be great, though. 😉

    I’m also in love with all the papers at Paper Source. I threw away the plastic cover that my trinote came in and covered the block with this paper. It made the cover a little stiff, but I love my fish!

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