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Gina Trapani is the founding editor and lead blogger for Lifehacker, the popular site that offers “tech tricks, tips and downloads for getting things done.” She is also a computer programmer, and the author of Upgrade Your Life, a wide-ranging reference guide to making one’s life more productive. upgrade-your-life.jpg

Trapani was recently interviewed by Marci Alboher, the Shifting Careers columnist for the New York Times. Alboher asked her, “Is there anything that you think paper and pen are much better for than the computer?”

“Technology is deeply embedded in my life,” Trapani said, “but nothing can replace the feel of a pen against paper.   I use paper and pen to brainstorm a lot.   In fact, we just ran a feature story on all the neat  things you can do with paper. It’s the ultimate tool. It’s affordable, compatible with everything,  widely available. I also  like  it as a change of pace. Staring at a glowing screen all day is not  a good thing for humans.”

Will paper hang on despite technology?   Can they partner for work and writing?

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  1. A coworker once suggested that I use an outlining program on my computer rather than the whiteboard in the office…I tried and found that I just couldn’t use it.

    Brainstorming programs force you to conform your thoughts to their organizational standards, whereas paper and pen is an open environment.

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